Money for School ...

to help pay tuition - materials - computer

Starting an online program can be expensive. Costs include —

  • tuition credits,
  • books,
  • participation fees,
  • and a computer — with software and net connections.

    And the school bill is now due!

    That is when you turn to private student loans to fund your online education related expenses. You can get your money in as little as 5 business days.

    • You can borrow up to $30,000 annually. You will make no payments until after graduation.

    • Use your loan to pay tuition, books, fees, and even a computer, with related software and net connection fees.

    • No financial aid forms required to apply.

    • Funds are disbursed directly to you.

    • No fees to apply or prepay.

    • Use the calculator at right to estimate how much you will need to borrow
Add Up Your Costs
Program Tuition
check your school for cost
Books and Supplies
check required course work
Work-Excel-Powerpoint, etc.
travel to school-lab-other
any other related expenses
Now Estimate Your Aid
Stafford Loans
enter loan amounts
PLUS Loans
enter loan amounts
Scholarships - Grants
enter award amounts
Other Gift Aid
State-school-employer aid
Personal Savings
savings-family-529 plans
Total Program Cost
Total Available Aid
Extra Funds Needed

It takes just 3 quick steps —

  • Step 1: Estimate How Much You Need

    your costs includes tuition, books, school supplies, transportation, and a computer with software. Make sure you borrow the right amount so that you will have enough for program.

  • Our calculator can help.

    apply now | print our guide

  • Step 2: Get Yourself Approved

    this is a credit-based, private student loan. So many first-time students will need a qualified co-signer such as a parent or another in order to qualify for the loan.

    Call us at 1-866-230-4578 and let us help you get qualified.

    apply now | print our guide

  • Step 3: Submit Your Application

    A START Private Student Loan gives you the flexibility to manage your education expenses. Whether you've just graduated from high school or starting a graduate program, the START program can provide the money you need.

    Your complete application can be processed and funded in little as 5 business days.

    apply now | print our guide


More Information: (links to our Financial Aid Center)
for undergraduates
| for graduates | for continue ed


Take One:
view the START Undergraduate brochure

Take One:
view the START Graduate brochure

Take One:
view the START Continuing Education brochure

Summary Aid Information
Loan Amount borrow from $1,500 up to $30,000 annually
Repayment begins after graduation
Processing preliminary approval in as little as 15 minutes
Higher Limits higher borrowing limits than federal loans
No FAFSA Form no financial aid forms required
No Cost to Apply no fees to apply or prepay
Disbursement funds disbursed directly to you